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Water Soluble Metal Deactivator SINOCOR™ TME720

Product description
TME720 as a kind of tolutriazole derivative,water/glycol soluble,is a metal deactivator.

CAS No.88477-37-6

Molecular structure

Molecular weight250.3 g/mol

Physicochemical properties

Product TME720
Appearance Yellowish-green to reddish-brown clear liquids,Low temperature (-5°C)make solid precipitate
Composition Approximately 75% free acid, 25% water

Packaging specifications25L plastic drum/200L standard steel drum

ApplicationAll types of water based fluids,when used at pH>7, such as:

● Antifreeze(engine coolants)
● High water based hydraulic fluids(HFA)
● Water glycol hydraulic fluids(HFC)
● Metal working fluids(emulsions and synthetics)

Benefits● Easy to handle liquid

● Suitable replacement for benzotriazole and tolutriazole
● Protects yellow metals and cobalt alloys from corrosion

Shelf life1 year (under airtight,dry and cool conditions)

This product is non-burning and non-burst,low toxicity,non-dangerous chemical goods.

Typical treat level0.1-0.3%

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